Why We are Different

MS VFX STUDIO pioneered in the art of Paint and Rotoscopy and has delivered top quality of work within the short time to our esteemed clients across the country and globe. The team is filled with young artists who are passionate and always stay update of the latest trends. We are committed to attract and develop the highest level of talents with the intention of providing exciting and challenging experiences to fulfill client's desires. We love working to support local business in India, as well of globe. MS VFX STUDIO has delivered massive frames of movies without compromise in quality at very competitive prices. We ensure that our client's data is completely secure.

Why Choose Us

MS VFX STUDIO brings the quality service along with on-time deliveries. We also give extra importance to the safety of client's shots. Therefore our clients can be relieved of all worries while dealing with us andwe work with client within the budget. The studio with total security perception derives the right kind of combination. And conceptualize the security environment for cent percent efficiency in post-production. MS VFX STUDIO offers skills set such as Rotoscopy, Wire Removal, Stereo Paint, Stereo Conversion etc.


Our mission is to provide quality work to reach the satisfaction of our clients. We will use our expertise to come up with smarter solutions to save production time and cost. MS VFX STUDIO has well equipped and experienced artists in the various types of work. They are flexible and easily adaptable in completion of projects. Production artists are capable for executing the plans created by supervisors. Production artists ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the projects.

Meet The Energy

Focusing on aim to acquire and maintain global position in VFX world, we continuously grab new opportunities for growth of our businesses by using world class technology delivering across the entire platform. Our team is highly experienced and qualified with credits in dozens of Hollywood and domestic movies in past few years, such as Hollywood:
Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014), PAN, Monster Hunt, Terminator Genisys, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lost Tomb.
Bollywood: Jhol, The Dram Job, ABCD 2, Madhyamvarg.

Our Skill

We are the best choice for those who are looking for creative and talented services.
Our talents have a solid background on major productions at its fullest in perfection.









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